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Child Learns Colors + Drawing

Giochi per la mente

Child learns colors & drawing - a game from the Kind Friends series. A set of educational games for children up to 5 years old. Developed using the most modern teachng techniques for kids.
More than 15 mini-games will help your child's attention, thinking, memory and artistic development.
The game focuses attention on concepts of color, form, teaches skills, mandatory for a child of this age:-Recognizing and naming main colors.-Understanding comparative item descriptions.-Finding items by descriptions.-Finding items' missing parts.-Developing artistically.
Key features:- Voiced by professional actress, mother of two children, aged 1.5 and 3 years.- Graphics perfectly suited for children and their visual apparatus.- The game is available in differents languages. Your kid can also learns basic words from other languages!- Games focused on child's development.- Safe for children: no in-app purchases, third-party ads.- Includes an artistic coloring game.- You can share your child's artistic successes via social networks.